My Own Bag is a 501 (c) (3) non Profit. We were formed in November 2010 to provide roller bag suitcases for children in the TDFS foster care system.

We are operated by a board of four members:

  • Tracy McGinty – President
  • Mike Weller – Vice President
  • Lois DeSimone – Secretary
  • Carol McGinty – Treasurer

All board members and participants are one hundred percent volunteers and no one receives any
remuneration. To date My Own Bag has distributed 383 suitcases to Foster Kids in Travis and Hays Counties.


The idea for My Own Bag originated when Tracy McGinty was working with one of his foster Children as a CASA (court appointed special advocate) volunteer. The fifteen-year-old foster kid called Tracy and let him know CPS was at his house and was going to be moving him again. When Tracy arrived at the house the foster kid was sitting on his bed holding a large black trash bag* in his hands. He looked up and said, “Not only do they move us a lot, they give us these trash bags to load up all our stuff. We feel just like the trash that is suppose to go in these.” Tracy decided that something had to be done. Two years later when Tracy and his wife, Carol moved to Austin, they were at a meeting of their small group from Gateway Church. The small group was looking for ideas to do service to the community. Tracy brought up the idea of the suitcases for foster kids and the group jumped on the idea.


Our mission is to accept corporate and private funding with the purpose to purchase roller suitcases.
Accept direct donations of new roller suitcases.


That every child who enters the Foster Care system in Travis and Hays county of Texas be given a roller bag to keep and transport their personnel belongings. The lofty and ultimate goal would be that all Foster Children in the USA be given a roller bag when they enter the system.