My Own Bag was recently covered by CASA Texas (Court Appointed Special Advocates).

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Volunteer’s Nonprofit Gives Foster Children Suitcases

When an El Paso 15-year-old in foster care learned he was being moved to a new placement, he called his CASA volunteer,Tracy McGinty. McGinty arrived to find the child in his room with a trash bag, into which he was expected to pack his belongings.”He told me, ‘We feel just like the trash that goes in these bags when they do this,’ ” McGinty said.

McGinty started a nonprofit, My Own Bag , to ensure that children in foster care don’t feel like trash and have real suitcases for their possessions.

My Own Bag has collected and purchased 200 suitcases for foster children in Hays and Travis Counties. The suitcases are distributed through Child Protective Services, CASA of Central Texas and CASA of Travis County, McGinty said.

CASA of Central Texas Community Relations Coordinator Eloise Hudson said some bags were given as graduation gifts to youth served by her program. CASA of Travis County Program Director Key Richardson said the bags arrived just in time for summer vacations, out-of-state visits and placement moves.